Saturday, October 7, 2017

Middle School Students: All middle school students will be performing Presidential Fitness Testing to evaluate their fitness relative to their age and grade.  The main activities for the month are Volleyball, Circuit Training, and competitive games. 

***Please Note***  Make-up assessments for the mile and the half mile will be after school on Tuesday and Wednesday during the week of 10/9 - 10/13.  Students who don't make up any missed assessments during this week, will receive a zero for those 2 grades.
3rd - 5th Graders:  In Physical Education this month, they will be performing the Presidential Physical Fitness tests (Fitness Gram) to determine if they are the appropriate fitness levels for their age and grade.   The main activities for the month are Volleyball and Soccer.
Kindergarten - 2nd Grades: In Physical Education students are learning to: work in groups, share equipment, and development their fundamental motor skills.